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Tinder 40303 Error

Tinder does not work: what can you do about it?

tinder blockade

Tinder does not need an introduction.

 If we now talk about a dating app, the Tinder brand is mentioned in the same breath as a synonym for a dating app. 

With most Dutch members, Tinder is still the clear number one in the Netherlands.

While thousands of singles use the dating app every day to find love or entertainment, there are also users who experience problems; suddenly Tinder no longer works, the app crashes or the app does not work from the start.

 What should you do now if Tinder does not work on your smartphone or tablet?

Tinder Error 40303 logging in?

Apps with millions of members usually have the infrastructure that prevents malfunctions.

 An app that is continuously inaccessible and has a malfunction will not remain popular for long.

 Although it almost does not occur, it is inevitable that it happens once that there is a Tinder fault. 

If this happens then it is often quickly national news with users who start to complain on Twitter.

With a quick Twitter search you will be happy to find out if there is actually a Tinder fault.

Why Tinder does not work (+ solutions)

There may be many reasons why the Tinder app does not work on your device.

 It can be Tinder itself, if there is a global or local fault, but in most cases it is not Tinder but the device where you open it. Crash Tinder every time your app opens, do you get an error message or do you have another problem that causes Tinder to work incorrectly or not at all?

 Then follow these steps and solutions to see if this solves the problem.

Something went wrong: N: (- XXXX)

If you get an error message when logging in, “Something went wrong. N: (- XXXX) “this means that there are problems with your internet connection.

 You can try switching on and off WiFi on your device or trying to connect to the mobile network. This error message is temporary and normally only occurs if you do not have internet.

 Do you have this problem? Then try to restore the internet connection and try again at a later time.

Something went wrong: Code 40303

If you see this error message, you have been banned from Tinder and your account has been deleted.

 The reason? 

You have violated the Terms of Service or Community Guidelines.

 There is no way to solve this problem. In fact, you can not create a new Tinder profile with your Facebook account and / or telephone number.

Tinder continues to search

To use Tinder, the app needs access to the location of your device. If you have disabled this, Tinder can not show people around you and the app will continue to search for people. This way you can grant the app access to the location of your device:

  • On iPhone: go to Settings> Tinder> Location
  • On Android: Go to Settings> Application Management> Tinder> Permissions> Location
  • On Tinder Online: go to the privacy settings of the browser you use

tinder logout

Log out and log in again

The first option to try if Tinder does not work properly is to log out. For small problems such as no profiles to swipe or if the messages do not load, this is often the solution. To log out and log in again, follow these steps

  1. Tap the profile icon at the top of the main screen
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Scroll down and tap  Sign out

Exit and reopen

A simple solution that works for some people when there are problems with Tinder is closing the app and opening it again. To exit the app, open the multitasking window and swipe the app up to remove it from the memory. If you open the app again, everything will be reloaded, which can solve the problem.

Reboot your device

Most problems with apps can easily be solved with one simple method; restarting your device. Does Tinder always run or can you no longer open the app? Chances are that this will be resolved by restarting your device. It is simple, fast and also effective in solving problems with smartphones and tablets.


Latest version of Tinder (re) install

If the app continues to crash, check if you are using the latest version of Tinder. Update the app if it is outdated. If you are already using the latest version of the Tinder app , try uninstalling the app and reinstalling it. Removing the app from your smartphone does not delete your account; your matches and messages are kept.

Update operating system

Tinder is only compatible with iOS 9.0 and later or Android 4.4 and later. If you have not updated the operating system on your smartphone or tablet for a long time, this may be the reason why the app suddenly does not work or does not work properly. Check if you have the latest version and update it if possible.

tinder gold match

Tinder Plus or Gold does not work

It happens that you have an active subscription to Tinder Plus or Gold, but this does not work. The app asks you ask for example to subscribe, while you are already a subscriber. Then check if your latest version of Tinder is used and follow the steps below to restore your purchase.

  1. Open Tinder
  2. Tap the profile icon at the top of the main screen
  3. Go to Settings
  4. Scroll down and select Repair purchase

Note: Restoring the purchase does not apply to consumable in-app purchases such as Tinder Boosts and Super Likes.

Last resort: back to the factory settings

The very last solution for your Tinder problem is to reset your device to the factory settings. This is not a quick-fix that you do between nose and lips; this will erase all data from your device. All settings, photos, apps, videos and all other data will be removed so that you start with a clean slate.

  • On iPhone: go to Settings> General> Reset> Clear all content and settings
  • On Android: go to Settings> Privacy> Restore factory settings

If all other solutions do not work and Tinder has no fault then this is the only solution that remains. If you choose this, always make a backup and check in advance whether it works. If you do not want to take this risk then there is nothing left but Tinder Online, or an alternative search like Badoo .

tinder pc

Tinder Online

If Tinder no longer works on your device and you have already given up the courage then there is Tinder Online. Since 2017 it is possible to use a web version in addition to the app. How popular the app is for smartphones and tablets, not anywhere in the world there is the fast mobile internet connection as we know it in the Netherlands. The solution that Tinder came up with is Tinder Online; the version that can be visited via a web browser.

Does not Tinder do it on your smartphone or tablet while that one nice match is waiting for a message for days? With Tinder Online you can access your account anywhere on a desktop computer or laptop. Logging in from any browser is possible via Tinder.com with the same flow and the recognizable design of the Tinder app.


If Tinder is not working and you do not want to always log in to Tinder Online via a browser, then there are still plenty of alternatives. Although Tinder is the most popular app for dating, there are more hijackers on the coast to provide you with your daily portion of matches. There is no shortage of dating apps in the Netherlands. On the contrary, dozens of dating apps like to see you appear as a new member.